...Wilding's explorations don't necessarily end there as her genre-defying, no rules approach to music-making finds its joy within these incredible cross-sections that unify the aesthetic as a whole. The end-result subsequently becomes this fascination concoction of equal parts jazz, soul, electronica and hip-hop. 'Tell Me', in particular, is brilliantly reminiscent of classic 4 Hero compositions with its crashing drums, haunting vocal and trip-hop-esque soundscape all beautifully navigated by Wilding's masterful saxophone.” - Imran Mirza

Blue in Green Radio

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Castles Burning

Released 1/7/22

‘Castles Burning’ is a jazzy hip-hop, soul/funk instrumental inspired by Neil Young’s ‘Don’t Let It Bring You Down.’ The song features reverb-soaked piano, soul-jazz saxophone riffs, crunchy drums, and dreamy, ethereal vocal samples.


Castles Burning

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